Introducing the Senior Phone & Locator™, a high quality mobile phone and GPS locator with cutting edge GPS technology. This mobile phone was specifically designed for senior
citizens, works like a regular mobile phone but its large keypad makes dialing easy. This mobile phone comes with a large red SOS button on the back, and when pressed it dials a predefined telephone number, and an alarm will sound attracting attention. You can also send a text message to the phone and it will reply with a Google link, just click on the link and you’ll know the location. Just insert a SIM card and the phone is ready for use.

The price of the Senior Phone & Locator is all inclusive.   Click on the picture below to see the Senior Phone & Locator detailed PDF.  Click on the Buy Now link to order your Senior Phone & Locator today.

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Senior Phone & Locator
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Senior Phone & Locator - $119
Senior Phone & Locator - $119 - Click on picture to open PDF